Case Studies and Success Stories

I-RAY IT Solutions Design & Engineering teams are experienced in delivering multi discipline projects in numerous sectors and locations globally. I-RAY IT Solutions technical specialists have deep expertise and ingenuity; they share an inventive, joined-up approach and thrive on problem-solving.

I-RAY closely with our clients to deliver the best solution to their requirement with a focus on process optimization continuous process development and associated life cycle cost benefits.

It is I-RAY standard practice to allocate the most experienced senior staff to the project from its inception in the knowledge that 90% of the decisions that affect the total project out turn are made at the start.

Engineering teams remain with the project until handover, ensuring every aspect of the client brief is achieved and that the operational team are fully trained.

Our engineering centers of excellence can add experience to any project location with our network of regional offices.

1. ASIC Design and Verification

I-RAY pool of resources has enough experience in successfully designing and delivering multiple high performance SOCs for various technologies. Deep knowledge of all steps in RTL2GDS flow, set up a UVM verification environment, hands on in analog/mixed-signal transistor-level circuit designs, run simulations and verify designs using leading tools. The team can enable breakthrough Solutions for critical PPA (Power, Performance and Area) improvements required by the leading-edge clients developing next generation products. They work very closely as a team and make sure to meet customer expectations.

Past Experiences

Tittle & Description: ETHERNET 7nm project that having the four channels and group to communicate the IOs.

Overview: High speed and timing critical design that group to communicate the IOs.

Strategy or Approach: Able to reduce the area by 8% with XX-library and 11% with XY-library by tweaking the existing flow.

Goals: Closure of design from NETLIST to signoff.

Challenges: Timing closure as there were more latches and intensive clock gating
The incremental FECO made the job even tough to balance the clock the tree after the initial timing closure.

Results: Controlling of multibit cells to improve area and power. Optimizing and splitting the flops to get timing met for critical paths. Boundary optimization and Synthesis to PNR correlation.

Conclusion: Successful closure of design from NETLIST to signoff.

2. Electronics Design

I-RAY's pool of resource team on PCB/FPGA/RF has experience in successfully designing and delivering multiple high performance multilayer PCBs with, through hole, BGA and SMT technologies’ They have rich experience working in VOIP, Fast Ethernet Routers, Wireless technologies to name a few and had worked to mitigate key challenges coming from thermal, electrical, mechanical and manufacturing front. The FPGA team has signified-off key critical projects relating to image processing, communications, and signal processing areas. They work very closely as a team and make sure to exceed customer expectations.

Past Experiences

Tittle & Description: Design of 10-layer, double-sided high-density SMT PCB.

Overview: Schematic capture, design, and layout of PCB.

Strategy or Approach: Introducing new design concepts, reviewing, and addressing design constraints, electrical, thermal, mechanical, and manufacturing issues.

Goals: Placing and routing complex, multilayer circuit boards.

Challenges: Addressed/resolved power distribution network (PDN) issues such as plane bounce, rail collapse, crosstalk, and EMI issues.
Resolve packaging issues to get the board to package into the desired form factor.

Results: Intelligent control of the path of power traces during the layout design in high-power circuits, to regulated heat generation. We included sufficient power and ground planes to isolate sensitive signals from the noise inducing power components placed on the external surfaces.

Conclusion: Successful delivered PCB over-achieving the original constraints we set out for in the specification.

3. Embedded Software Development

Embedded Engineering team at I-RAY IT Solutions, help enable design, develop, test and maintain projects – in key embedded areas like device drivers, RTOS, microcontrollers, serial communication ports etc. They would also help to enable efficiently develop and help test the entire system to ensure it works well. They can analyze complex technical problems, diagnose their root cause, and find Solutions.

Past Experiences

Tittle & Description: GPS based target sensing system.

Overview: To develop system that is used for sensing of target from a distant source using GPS technology.

Strategy or Approach: Rapidly prototyped new capabilities to confirm feasibility.
Researched, designed, and implemented scalable applications for information identification, extraction, analysis, retrieval, and indexing.

Goals: To create an efficient bridge that can work with different hardware scenario and is fault proof.

Challenges: Developing the time-critical software event handlers from hardware interrupts.

Results: Met the accuracy criteria set out to achieve for the project in the specification and could deploy successfully.

Conclusion: Successfully integrated the GPS based sensing system, which is integrated in a high-level security subsystem.

4. Software Development

I-RAY IT Solutions have competent resources in terms of software development testing and evaluating new programs. Identifying areas for modification in existing programs and subsequently developing these modifications, writing, and implementing efficient code.

  • Develop and implement new software programs.
  • Maintain and improve the performance of existing software.
  • Design and update software data base.
  • Test and maintain software products to ensure strong functionality and optimization.
  • Recommend improvements to existing software programs as necessary.
Experience 1

Title & Description: Atlas General Insurance, Insurance Aggregator.

Overview: Atlas General Insurance’s Insurance Aggregator (Billerxpress) is a one stop payment solution for all kind of user’s insurance. User can pay his Health Insurance, Vehicle insurance, Property insurance etc. however user configured.

Goals: BillerXpress User will be notified to pay his due amount and make them aligned to pay on time.

Challenges: Coordinated and worked with insurity team to get all kinds of insurances data of a user. Provided user’s consent information to insurity to get data.

Technology Stack: ASP.Net MVC, Web API, CSS & HTML 5, and SQL Server & Azure PaaS implementation.

Experience 2

Title & Description: Data Engineering for Colibri Group.

Overview: Colibri Group, the most admired professional learning company in the world with over 5 million professionals and partners to deliver best in class professional education for licensing, continuing education, test preparation, and career readiness. Colibri Group with a history of almost all professional categories covered to become the most admired professional learning company in the world. Below are few to name, Accounting, Financial Services, Teacher Education, Healthcare, Real Estate and Valuation & Property Services

Goals: Integrate all vendors data for colibri Access.

Challenges: Developing as a product and it is now good and scalable.

Technology Stack: Dell Bhoomi, C#, Office Excel / CSV and SQL server.

Experience 3

Title & Description: Colibri Group’s CompuCram, an Online Exam certification system.

Overview: CompuCram is an exam prep system available on one of the markets today that integrates vocabulary tools, practice testing and comprehensive simulated exams into an “all-in-one” solution. The revolutionary new Readiness Indicator TM gives continuous feedback as you study – ensuring that users pass the first time.

Technology Stack:

  • Upgrade Angular JS to latest Angular
  • Upgrade Magento1.9.x to Magento 2 Migration
  • miniOrange SSO Integration with
  • Magento and Angular & development of additional PHP APIs
  • AWS Cloud Saas Implementation.

Experience 4

Title & Description: GNOS Services Verifier Tool.

Overview: GNOS – GN’s online services are the services to exchange data between FSW and IS server and User’s Mobile App. This tool effectively verifies the services Health, RSR, RFU, RFT, TDC, SNR, Cochlear services availability etc. in all available regions like US, UK, CN and AU. This tool supports all environments as well.

Goals: GNOS Verifier tool should be able to run independently from Azure and should be able to update test cases in TFS.

Challenges: Auto update on GNOS services version updates

Technology Stack: C# .Net Core 3.1

Scope of Work Targeted:

  • Support all regions
  • Support all environments
  • Configurable Key Auth.
  • TFS test case /Test Suit Auto update.
  • Azure Cloud Support.

5. IT/R&D Project Management

R&D project management is the art and science of planning and leading software R&D projects. A management philosophy that says that efficient management will yield effective results. Specifically, efficient management of resources and constraints to perform tasks in order to achieve a desired result. I-RAY have extensive experience resources who handle project management/Scrum master for IT/R&D projects, and we mean that we excel in our ability to manage projects in any market sector globally. I-RAY IT solutions project management resources specifically handle the range of activities from beginning to the end of a project and addresses the management of multiple projects within programs and across organizations. PM addresses "technical" skills like scheduling, cost estimating, and statistical risk management and encompasses complex disciplines such as scope (product) definition, plan, procurement, quality management, human resource management, and communications

I-RAY IT encompasses the below expertise into it Project Management services:


I-RAY pool of talent resources provides program and project management to clients by strict adherence to scope, budget and schedule requirements, continuous project performance measurement, interface management between all functions on the project.

Few Project Management Services provided by I-RAY IT Solutions are as follows: -

  • Data Engineering Project for Colibri Group.
  • Atlas General Insurance, Insurance Aggregator.
  • GN Hearing.
  • Heco Inc, TracRat (Asset Management Application).

6. Test & Quality Assurance

I-RAY team has been capable of providing reliable offshore software testing and QA services through innovative use of technology and resources that can make value contributions to client business. I-RAY provides Robust QA services which facilitate our partners make optimum utilization of their resources and always creates a room to understand and respond to ever changing needs of customers effectively.


Project Name: GN Hearing.

Project Scope: GN provides reliable Hearing Healthcare Solutions offering a full range of Hearing aids and Accessories under different brand names. Assuring the Quality of different Software and Hardware deliverables prior to Market release.

Scope of Work: Establishment of a well-defined and mature application testing process within organization.

  • Comprehensive QA services
  • Use of latest technology and strategy
  • Reliable software product testing Solutions

Following are different Testing services required to fulfill the above project requirements:

  • Functional Testing
    • Integration Testing
    • Regression Testing
    • User-Acceptance Testing
  • Non-Functional Testing
    • Security Testing
    • Performance Testing
    • Interoperability Testing
  • System Verification Testing:
    System Testing test the complete application with its functionality, inter dependency and communication. All tests related to functional and non-functional requirements gets conducted on the developed software solution. The main scope of System Verification activities is to address the Efficiency, Robustness, Reliability, Usability, Functionality and correctness of final product and its system.
  • Automation Testing:
    Reduction of turn-around time and manual efforts obtaining effective results covering vast range of parameters (Platforms, Brands, OS, Devices)

Test Approach

Testing activities will be based on phased approach as detailed below:

Testing approach for different deliverables needs customizing of different methodologies involving the following parameters: -

  • The needs for Projects and customers
  • Application domains
  • Technologies in use
  • Tools availability and support
  • Tool specific methodologies in case needed
  • Requirements stability
  • Time to market
  • Risks

7. Medical device regulatory affairs/quality assurance

We at I-RAY IT Solutions have our own Quality Management system with own Quality Policy, Quality Manual which include several defined procedures and templates. Also, I-RAY IT Solutions is certified with ISO 13485 certification in FY 20-21. Currently organization’s Quality Management system capable of TL9000, ISO 9001:2015, ISO 13485: 2016, AS9100, CMMi dev 1.3. runs with applicable quality procedures includes quality policy and quality manual.

PDCA method is applied in I-RAY IT Solutions Quality Management system. Under this PDCA I-RAY IT Solutions.


Established the below QMS structure:

- Quality policy, Quality Manual
- Quality SOP's
- Templates, guidelines, Records & Reports.

Quality Policy:

Delivering services to our customers and end users in building trust and partnership by making our processes robust by supporting in Quality assurance of their medical devices related to Hearing domain.

Quality Objectives:

  • Understanding the Voice of Customer
  • Customer satisfaction and key process measures
  • Address the regulatory requirements
  • Services at optimal quality and cost
  • Continual improvement of processes

Quality Manual:

Based on the Quality policy and Objectives of I-RAY IT Solutions, Quality manual is defined. The purpose of the quality manual is to

  • Describe the scope of the Quality Management System
  • Reference applicable major documented procedures of the Quality Management System.
  • Describe the Process Map at Local level and the interactions between these processes
  • Describe the structure of the documentation of the Quality management System
  • Asking GN for requirements and guidance, concerning corporate quality management system

I-RAY IT Solutions Quality Manual is organized into different sections as follows:

  • Chapters 1-5 contain general references to the structure and use of the manual.
  • Chapters 6-8 describe the main and supporting processes at I-RAY IT Solutions level
  • Chapters 9-13 describe how relevant and applicable standard requirements are met at I-RAY IT Solutions level.

Quality Standard Operating Procedures:

Above are the list of procedures that are defined at I-RAY IT Solutions and each individual procedure describes

Scope of the procedure, Responsibilities, References, Process of procedure.

  • how it is implemented at organization level
  • how it is monitor and control at implementation phase.
  • Permitted Deviations, Metrics, Audit references.

Based on the above description I-RAY IT Solutions will monitor and control all the procedural information through various records, templates & guidelines for ease of operations. All project level information gets recorded in the various templates and records, which will be the input for organization to understand the performance and measure as per appropriate KPI’s.

I-RAY IT Solutions defined various list of sample templates (total 42 templates as on date) like shown below picture, which are all used in the execution of projects in the organization.

From the list of template’s quality team will collect and analyze information and record the same in metrics w.r.t KPI’s and report it during the management review meetings and other review meetings when required. Also, quality team reports if any deviation occurred during the implementation of procedure through Internal Audits. Internal audit is another mechanism to check whether defined procedures are compliance or not.

The Above stated information is describing how I-RAY IT Solutions focused on quality management system, commitment of the top management towards quality control and assurance.